May Feature – New Zealand

Apologies! It’s been a while since I have posted on here. I have been in the midst of a busy few weeks with work and family commitments.

I’m back though and ready to kick start the May Landscape theme. This time I would like to showcase one of the best regions of the world for Landscape photography and it is right on our back doorstep. Yes, we may give them a hard time, but their country has breathtaking landscapes and enormous scenery you can lose yourself in. From wild coastline, to glacial valleys, snow capped mountains and beautiful beaches……….New Zealand has it all.

‘Purakaunui Dreaming’

The stunning Purakaunui Waterfall in the Catlins region of the South Island.
Enjoy! :)

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God Bless Film

I know, I know, I can hear everyone out there groaning, calling me a ‘purist’, but yes I still really love to shoot with film!

Despite all the advances in technology and Cameras with an ISO range up to an astonishing 12,500 and beyond, I still can’t help but feel drawn back to film and the simple pleasure I obtain from getting an exposure right. No in-built light meter, no LCD screen, in fact no view finder other than a range finder which gives me a 95% accurate idea of what I’m looking at. Everything about the FujiGX617 is completely manual, which also means there is very little to break down mechanically speaking. I picked up this gem of a camera second hand, more than 20 years old and it still doesn’t skip a beat.

Nail the exposure and Velia 50 slide film has a vivid colour range, tonal contrast and clarity that is unsurpassed in the pro-sumer range of digital cameras these days. Yes I will most definitely continue to shoot digital and there are obvious choices for this in my day to day shooting, however there will always be a roll of film in my freezer and a smile on my dial when I get a fresh roll back from the lab.

617 Trannies on the light table……..Bliss!

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International Dark Sky Week 5th-11th April 2013

Mike Salway, Greg Gibbs and others in the landscape photography have been showcasing some spectacular images of late to highlight awareness about light pollution around cities and towns. What better way to do that than with some great Milky Way nightscapes. Last week there were beautiful clear skies and the moon was setting during the day, providing perfect celestial shooting conditions. These are my two contributions to Dark Sky Week. Both were shot at about 3am and 4am down near McLaren Vale in South Australia.

‘Natures Torch Beam’
‘Stars & Vines’

I hope you enjoy

Cheers, Tim

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April Feature – North America

‘Autumn Flow’

April’s Photography feature will be looking at North America. In particular the Mid South-west, where the states of Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado showcase their beauty on a very ‘Grand’ scale………….pardon the pun!

To get the ball rolling I wanted to share one of my favourite National Parks and hiking destinations in the world. The amazing Zion National Park in Utah. This place is spectacular and caters for everyone. One of the best hikes is called ‘The Narrows’. A picturesque slot canyon where you must wade through water sometimes up to chest deep as you hike up through the valley. A water proof camera float bag is essential.

I hope you enjoy

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Mad about Greece

‘Windmill Rainbow’

To kick things off for the month of March I will be focusing on Greece and celebrating the stunning Greek islands. This was the destination of my Honeymoon and part of the family heritage of my beautiful wife (Jules). I hope you enjoy

This shot is on the island of Santorini in the township of Oia. This town attracts thousands of visitors a day that perch themselves around the edge of the caldera to watch the blazing sunsets each night.

To follow the monthly photo series, head on over to my Facebook page and hit the ‘Like’ button. Sharing with your friends and family is most welcome.

Follow this link:

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New Website, Brand and Blog Officially Launched!

Hi All,


Well after almost 5 years of development, 10 plus years of travelling the globe and some 20 years behind the lens, I am pleased to announce that ‘Tim McCullough Photography’ has finally been launched.
The website which will house my online image gallery will be directly linked to this blog and contains some of my best fine art images, news, information, plus you will now be able to purchase my images in a range of display options for your homes, offices or anywhere else you want to brighten up with some beautiful Naturescapes. In addition, I alsonow have a Facebook Business Page. The Blog and Facebook page will be my main way of communicating with you all, so don’t forget to ‘Like’ my FB page and follow this blog to keep up to date with all the latest image releases, discount offers, technical advice and all things in the Landscape Photography world. As with all my work I encourage constructive feedback and please share the website link and Facebook page with all your friends and family.
Every couple of months I will feature a new region of Australia and around the world with new images added regularly to the ever expanding online gallery.

I’m really excited to have come so far on this journey and seeing it all come together now and being able to share it with you.

I hope you enjoy my images and are inspired by my work and eductaed by my advice and support.

Stay Tuned :)


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